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As the proud owners of Caversham Wildlife Park since 1988, we couldn't do it without the support and dedication of our team who work incredibly hard to maintain a world-class park.

Thank you for your interest in joining the CWP team.

The Thorne family.




Working in a wildlife park is far more than just a job!

Our retail staff have the opportunity to work in dynamic tourist attraction where they get to engage with people from all over the world, in a fast-paced and unique work environment.

Our park staff get the best of both worlds; working with both people and animals! It is challenging, hands-on and highly rewarding.


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Volunteer and Docent

Joining the team as a Docent or Volunteer is a unique opportunity to be involved in a dynamic team who share similar interests.

Our Docents play an important role in the WA Tourism industry by ensuring visitors to the park have a great time and go home with amazing memories.

Our Volunteers have the opportunity to work alongside our keepers, to contribute to a worthy cause and gain invaluable skills and knowledge.

Almost anyone can get involved without having prior qualifications, skills or experience - you just need a love of working with people and animals!


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